All-In-One App for Part-Time Employees!

A part-time employment-oriented platform, Slashy takes vendors and part-timers online for a smooth experience.
1 PM | 4 Developer | 1 Designer | 1 QA

The Challenge

Our team was very keen on making sure to create a complete and seamless experience for vendors so they can find the best candidate for the job and for the people to have a hassle-free experience when looking for part-time and odd jobs. From vendors creating shifts for the job available, people applying for the shift that best suit their requirements, keeping a track of their attendance, the invoice for vendor and pay slip for employee, Slashy takes care of everything. Accounting for all the financial transactions and attention to other technicalities has ensured that we have built a complete ecosystem for vendors and employees to interact and create success stories one after the other.

Color Palette

The Colors are picked carefully to match
flat asthetic of the App Design.







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