Bringing Artists and Art Lovers Together!

A one-of-a-kind, online interactive platform for artists to showcase their art and directly sell it to admirers.
1 PM | 3 Developer | 1 Designer | 1 QA

The Challenge

Our brief was to build an integrated online marketplace that worked as artists’ personal galleries where they can present their art to people who appreciate art and potential buyers. The scrolling user interface imitates the experience of social media platforms and supports high-resolution visuals to ensure the audience consumes the art without any compromise. With the final product, our focus is on building an online platform that strengthens the community of artists, art admirers, and collectors. By removing the middle person altogether from the transaction, AHA is not just bringing artists and art admirers together but it is going to be a complete game changer for the art community by helping artists get all that they deserve and more.

Color Palette

The Colors are picked carefully to match
flat asthetic of the App Design.







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